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Civil Litigation

When you're involved in a lawsuit, you want an aggressive lawyer on your side, someone who is passionate about winning. Mark Buckman is aggressive, competitive, and tenaciously litigates on behalf of his clients. Mark keeps the pressure on the opposition at each stage of a lawsuit, from filing the suit, to discovery, and up through trial. As Mr. Capone noted some years ago, a kind word isn't always enough.

Mr. Capone's wisdom aside, you also need an attorney who is a good negotiator, one who is not interested in needlessly prolonging litigation to drive-up attorney's fees. All too often, a blindly aggressive attorney only strengthens his opponent's resolve to continue litigating when a settlement makes sense. Mark would much rather resolve litigation if terms acceptable to his client are offered. This is not to say that Mark does not stick to his guns on his clients' behalf, because in many cases there can only be "peace through strength."

And that's not just because you have to deal with lawyers! Time, expense, and energy are all poured into every lawsuit. Both (or all) sides spend tremendous sums of money litigating claims that often could be resolved through creative negotiating. However, when litigation is necessary (and it sometimes is), Mark Buckman aggressively represents his clients' interests and fights to win.

If you are involved in a real estate or business dispute, the Law Offices of Mark F. Buckman can help. Put Mark's combination of aggressive advocacy and extensive real-world knowledge of business and real estate matters to work for you.

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