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Nearly every person who has hired a lawyer will agree that the lawyer's responsiveness and accessibility are key concerns.

We are responsive to your needs and inquiries and proactive in handling the matters you entrust to us. Mr. Buckman takes the following measures to ensure that his clients' needs are met:

Phone Calls: Promptly returned, usually in two hours or less.
Scheduling: Our schedule is arranged for our client's convenience.
Deadlines: We work overtime (no extra charge) to meet our client's deadlines.
Updates: Frequent, according to client's instructions.

We are committed to delivering value to our clients. Specifically, we provide:

Copies: No Charge
Faxes: No Charge
Professional Fees: Reasonable hourly or fixed rates
Court Appearances: By phone where/when appropriate, saving client time and money.
Visa & MasterCard: Accepted for our client's convenience.

Judging the quality of a lawyer can be quite difficult. However, Mr. Buckman has the following assets:

Experience: Mr. Buckman has "Big Firm" experience (Mayer, Brown & Platt) and has successfully negotiated tens of millions of dollars of real estate contracts.
Negotiating Skills: Honed from years of successful negotiations, many involving million dollar transactions
Education: Boalt Hall School of Law, UC Berkeley
Courtroom Presence: Fast on his feet and an outstanding advocate

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